About us

Welcome to our e-shop for all aviation enthusiasts!

We focus on the production and sale of airport dioramas and the distribution of aircraft models and airport equipment from world renowned brands.

Each diorama is carefully crafted with attention to detail to accurately capture the atmosphere of a real airport.

For aviation model enthusiasts, we offer a wide range of aircraft in various scales. Each model is made with precision and an effort to represent the real aircraft as faithfully as possible.

Our range of airport equipment includes vehicles, supply systems, check-in equipment and other technical elements you would find at a real airport. This technology is suitable for complementing your dioramas or creating an authentic environment for your aviation models.

Our priorities are quality and customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure that every purchase is simple and enjoyable. We offer fast delivery and reliable customer service that is ready to help you with any question or problem.

We are always trying to add something new to our product range and never stop inventing new things!

Thank you for choosing our e-shop to buy airport dioramas, model airplanes and airport equipment. We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and endless joy of the aviation world!


AeroWalla team