ATR72-500(F) N919AZ Amazon Prime Air; 1:200

ATR72-500(F) N919AZ Amazon Prime Air; 1:200

Manufacturer: JC WingsProduct code: XX20234

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Manufacturer: JC WingsProduct code: XX20234

ATR72-500F Amazon Prime Air aircraft with registration N919AZ

History and trivia:

N919AZ was originally operated by Aurigny Air Services as an ATR72 with a capacity for 72 passengers.
In July 2021, it was converted to a cargo aircraft for Amazon Prime Air.
It was previously registered as G-VZON.
The aircraft was 12 and a half years old when it became an ATR72-500F freighter for Amazon.


Engines: 2x PWC PW127M
Year of manufacture: 2009
Registration: N919AZ
Aircraft Type: ATR 72-500F (72-212A)
Aircraft length: 27.2 meters
Wingspan: 27.1 metres
Maximum take-off weight: 22 500 kg
Range: Up to 1,500 km (depending on cargo)
It is capable of carrying up to 7 500 kg of cargo.

The N919AZ was added to the Amazon Prime Air fleet in July 2021.
It is part of the growing ATR72 fleet, which serves shorter routes and connects smaller cities.
Amazon Prime Air also operates Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 aircraft for longer distances.

This aircraft is one of many that help Amazon deliver packages around the world. It is fascinating to see how the airline fleet is expanding and adapting to the needs of modern commerce.

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Scale 1:200
Material Metal
Airlines Prime Air