B767-300 Austrian Airline; 1:500

B767 300 Austrian Airline
B767 300 Austrian Airline

B767-300 Austrian Airline; 1:500

Manufacturer: HerpaProduct code: HER536509

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Manufacturer: HerpaProduct code: HER536509

Austrian Airlines' Boeing 767-300ER is a wide-body long-haul transport aircraft that boasts an entertainment system and passenger comfort.

History of the Boeing 767-300ER (OE-LAY):

First flight: the Boeing 767-300ER first took off from Paine Field on September 26, 1981 with Captain Tom Edmunds on board.
Commissioning: Austrian Airlines took delivery of this model on August 19, 1982 and deployed it on service between Chicago and Denver.
Development: the Boeing 767 was Boeing's first twin-engine wide-body aircraft and the first transport aircraft with a two-man crew and glass cockpit. Its design incorporates conventional tail surfaces and a supercritical wing design, which reduces aerodynamic drag.

Technical specifications:

Fuselage length: 54.94 metres
Wingspan: 47.57 metres
Maximum speed: 850 km/h
Maximum range with a full complement of passengers: 10,500 km
Engines: Pratt & Whitney, PW 4060-3
Maximum thrust: 2 x 60,900 pounds
Total fuel weight: 73.1 tons
Maximum takeoff weight: 187 tons
Maximum landing weight: 145 tonnes

Business Class: 24 seats
Premium Economy Class: 30 seats
Economy Class: 157 seats

The Austrian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER is ideal for long flights and offers comfort and entertainment for all passengers.

Scale 1:500
Material Metal
Airlines Austrian Airlines